Friday, April 17, 2015

Return of the dead

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Oh hi.

This blog is pretty dead, but you never know! I could make a comeback!! I've been saying this for like, 3 years.  And I've made one or two feeble, brief, sad comebacks.  Right now I'm just trying to figure out how Bloglovin works, so I can see what the kids are up to these days.  Then I'll go back to the rock I'm hiding under.

But ya know, I've been busy lately! Not baking cookies, unfortunately, but working on my photography portfolio, becoming a freelance web designer/developer, and working in my studio.  So check those out, if you're interested.

And if you're really obsessed with me, follow my Instagram accounts.  Yes, that's plural.  I have a disturbing number of accounts.  Here's a quick breakdown: - My lifestyle photography account! This one has the prettiest pictures.
@fantasylawyer - My art account, where I post the artwork and artists that I'm inspired by (you can also follow me on here and here)
@zziee - My personal one (probably the weirdest and least accessible, but all are welcome!)
@donutdatabase - My attempt to document all the sleezy strip mall donut shops in Los Angeles!

Ok, that's the end of my personal plug.  Maybe one day I'll crack open THE BOOK (not the bible, fyi) and bake those crazy Chocolate-Pistachio cookies...

Until then, xoxo

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